Understanding Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are full with information you need to understand in order to search for the right candidate.
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As soon you start working as a recruiter you will bump into Job Descriptions, mostly referred as JD’s.

JD’s have four sections.

  1. About the company
    In this section it is all about the company. About their business, values, benefits and history. A brief explanation about who they are. However, as a recruiter you may not reveal companies details. This means that if you are looking for candidates, you may not publish a company name or reveal anything which could lead to the company. At the moment you are in contact with potential candidates, you may reveal the companies name.
  2. About the job
    In this section the company is explaining about the open vacancy. Here you find all the information what the job is all about. This section is very important, because this shows the experience they are looking for. To use this information correctly, make sure you understand what the job is all about. If you do not understand the job, you most likely do not understand what kind of candidate the company is looking for, and you will be wasting your time.
  3. What are the requirements
    In this section the company gives the information what kind of background the candidate needs to have. Often they ask for a specific educational background. Sometimes there is written multiple educational examples, like Bachelor or MBA in a specific field. This means that seniority is more likely based on experience. The candidate with the MBA with 1 year working experience makes probably less chance than the candidate with 5 years experience, but has a BA instead. Foremost you find the relevant requirements outlined as experience. Tasks the candidate has experience with. If you see that the work experience is more important, then focus on that part, instead of educational background.
  4. The offer
    In this section the company reveals what they are offering. Important is, you may never discuss or reveal salaries with a candidate. Benefits like, health-insurance, relocation allowance, free gym/sports, or bonus structure, you can reveal.

Take aways

Never reveal the companies name when sourcing for candidates. Also never discuss any salary with candidates. Your role is to look for the right candidate, the hiring and offering part is the responsibility from the company

The most valuable information you need to look for the right candidate is written in the job tasks and requirements. Remember, do not only focus on educational background, but look at it as a whole.

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